Light Tints 101 - A Lesson on Color

Be it a style choice or a functional purpose, light tinted lenses have served many purposes within the world of eyewear over the past decades. Whether you were Emperor Nero hiding his eyes behind emeralds or part of the Mughal Empire seeking enlightenment through precious stones, humans have believed in the power of color and its healing capabilities for hundreds of years. While styles ebb and flow, timeless pieces and designs will always serve a greater purpose. For that reason, buying glasses that not only fit your face, but your personality, is what we’re all about at twelvesixtynine.

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Light tint colors affect visual perception, and each color family makes the wearer perceive the world in unique ways. An orange, yellow, or anything with a brown undertone will provide the most visual clarity, enhancing one’s day or night. A light blue or green has a cooling effect while intensifying naturally occurring blues and greens around the wearer’s surroundings. Moving into some groovier colors, purple and red give more life to any scenario, be it a sunset drive by the water or some late-night shenanigans.twelvesixtynine light tint thom browneStyling light tints is no stroll in the park. There is a whole science behind the decision-making required; let us guide you through that tricky process. If you’re looking for an easy frame to throw on with a light tint, go for a metal frame such as Eyevan or Matsuda. Metal frame spectacles with a tint are the most versatile for styling due to their emphasis on color. You can pair almost any outfit with metal frame glasses.twelvesixtynine light tints eyevanAcetate frames with light tints are a whole other animal, especially if you dare wear your shades at night. This is no space for the faint of heart; wearing glasses with tinted lenses at night attracts attention whether you like it or not.

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Bold acetate frames, such as Jacques Marie Mage, must be paired meticulously with a lens tint color. What character are you trying to be? How do you want the world to perceive you? You must be prepared to commit to those answers when you place the frames on your face. Every aspect of what you are wearing needs to embody the character you have in mind to work effortlessly. twelvesixtynine light tint johann wolffThere is an endless realm of possibilities when it comes to light tints. There are no rules as long as you feel confident in the frames you are wearing. With that attitude, you can pull off anything you want and be whoever you want.

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We at twelvesixtynine wish to help in your next character choice; swing by the shop, shoot us an email or give us a ring, and we will gladly guide you through your light tint journey.

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