The Best Sunglasses Brands of 2022

5 Top Sunglasses Brands to Buy in 2022

If you’re looking for the best sunglasses to buy right now, there are plenty of options to choose from. While some opt for cheap sunglasses that may fit a specific purpose, others tend to pick high-quality sunglasses that will last a lifetime. However, the difference between low-quality and high-quality sunglasses is clear.

When you pick up a pair of frames from Jacques Marie Mage, such as the Zephirin, or a pair of Eyevan’s, you can tell right off the bat. But, not all glasses are made equally, and there are a few things that everyone looking to buy sunglasses should know. 

First, those in the market for high-quality sunglasses should look at materials. While some come in metal, most tend to be acetate, a synthetic fiber made out of wood pulp and cotton. This can come in various colors and can even be made custom.

Next, prospective sunglasses buyers should look at lens material. This is typically either CR-39 or glass. Most tend to go with CR-39 as glass can be dangerous if dropped; however, you do get the best optical clarity out of the latter. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best sunglasses brands in 2022. 

Most Popular Sunglasses Brands in 2022

  1. Jacques Marie Mage 
  2. Ahlem
  3. Eyevan
  4. Johann Wolff
  5. Vada 

Jacques Marie Mage

Founded in Los Angeles, Jacques Marie Mage, or JMM, produces a range of limited-edition designer glasses. It refers to these as artisanal, and when a batch is done, it is done for good. Jacques Marie Mage is inspired by different cultures around the world, and you’ll typically find bold shapes, soft colors, and evocative small-batch sunglasses within this brand.

jacques marie mage best sunglasses brands 2022

Created by Jerome Mage, the brand can be seen being worn by some of the top Hollywood elite over the past twenty years or so and continues to present a blend of French design and American Western style. While Jacques Marie Mage does produce its glasses in small batches, its more popular frames like the JMM Zephirin, Torino, and more, are widely available. 


Ahlem is another popular sunglasses brand that many buyers choose. Founded in 2014 by Ahlem Manai-Platt in Los Angeles, Ahlem is a detail-oriented and design-focused high-end eyewear company. The company states that its influence is 20th century Bauhaus design, which can be seen throughout its wide range of frames.

Every pair of glasses is touched by a craftsman specializing in the field. This keeps traditions strong and ensures every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses is made to the highest standards. With its popularity rising in the past few years, buying Ahlem sunglasses can be a great choice for those new and experienced in the eyewear market.  ahlem best eyewear brands 2022


If you’re an avid fan of sunglasses and eyewear in general, you’ve likely heard of Eyevan. For those unfamiliar, Eyevan was one of the first fashion eyewear brands in Japan when it was formed back in 1972. Before this, eyewear was a necessity and not a design object. When Eyevan came onto the scene, the company stated that its main concept was “eyewear for dressing as a fashion accessory.”  eyevan best sunglasses brands 2022

And in the last five decades, it has mastered its craft. Eyevan states that its mission is to “constantly create new value in order to transmit and provide a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle to the world through eyewear.” And with popular frames like the Eyevan 163, the Eyevan 717, and the Eyevan 762’s, there is a lot on offer from the company. 

Johann Wolff 

While Johann Wolff may not be a popular player in the sunglasses industry yet, it is quickly making a name for itself. With celebrities like Pete Davidson adorning its glasses, Johann Wolff produces a variety of high-quality sunglasses designed in Miami. 

johann wolff best sunglasses brands 2022

The company states that its motto is “Easy to wear frames that keep on giving.” And this is just the tip of the iceberg. What other sunglasses company offers a lifetime warranty and free accidental replacement? Try doing that with any other brand and you’ll be laughed out of the store. So yeah, Johann Wolff is definitely a top sunglasses brand to look into. 


While Vada is not technically a glasses company, it has recently delved into the eyewear industry. Vada is more well known for its jewelry, which is made to order in its Austin, Texas studio. The company states that all of its products are made in small batches from the finest materials available, and that is just the start. 

vada best sunglasses brands 2022

Launched in 2020, Vada Eyes offer a wide range of frames such as the Vada Tokio and the Vada Kauboi glasses. All of these are worth looking into if you’re looking for the best sunglasses to buy right now. 

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