The Zephirin by Jacques Marie Mage, An Industry Leader

Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin

We dare to say that the Zephirin by Jacques Marie Mage serves as a modern disrupter, just like the white t-shirt, Levi’s 501, and Schott Perfecto, once did. Three unmistakable designs each marked a period in time, undeniably solidifying them as historically significant pieces belonging to the universal language of design.

A time when rebels roamed the streets on their Harley Knuckleheads tearing up the whole neighborhood, disrupting barriers set before them. These objects embody much more than counterculture spirit; they have served as building blocks for future generations to expand on, once thought to be daring, now timeless classics.When you place the Zephirin sunglasses on your face, you will feel as though you are part of something bigger than yourself, tapping into a universal force of energy.

A sense of empowerment that starts at the soles of your feet shooting up your spine straight into your brain, giving you the strength and ease to conquer the day like the king of cool himself. Every frame takes on a different character, with the Zephirin being the star of the show.jacques marie mage zephirin sunglassesPre-WWII sizing of 44mm, and sleek angles make this the perfect must-have frame all men and women looking to make their mark on the world need in their collection.

It also comes in a 47mm for those slightly larger faces. Serving elegantly as both an eyeglass and sunglass, these spectacles cover all the bases. A praiseworthy understated square frame that suits everyone, the Zephirin is a universal design for anyone looking for the instant sprezzatura of an 18th-century Italian poet. jacques marie mage zephririn sunglassesPimps, politicians, and popes all have one thing in common: they’re undeniable industry leaders. Being at the forefront of any industry takes immense courage, which isn’t always there.

In these times of need, we look for amulets of power harnessing the energy necessary to make us feel indestructible. The Zephirin by Jacques Marie Mage is just that, effortless power for the bold at heart.


White T-shirt – 1950’s symbol of rebellion worn by Marlon Brando & James Dean

Levi’s 501 – The Original Blue Jean

Schott Perfecto – The first leather motorcycle jacket

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