Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses, Best Frames in 2022

Top Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses to Buy

If you’re looking for Jacque Marie Mage sunglasses, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. With iconic lines and a bold history, Jacques Marie Mage is a legend in the sunglasses space, and for good reason.

If you’re not familiar, Jacques Marie Mage, or JMM for short, is a Los-Angeles based producer of limited-edition high-quality sunglasses and eyeglasses. But, high-quality doesn’t even begin to describe JMM.

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Jacques Marie Mage is inspired by cultures from around the world with an emphasis on optical history and award-winning craftsmanship. So, come with us and take a dive into some of the most popular Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses in the lineup today.

Popular Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses

  1. Jacques Marie Mage Enzo
  2. Jacques Marie Mage Dealan
  3. Jacques Marie Mage Taos
  4. Jacques Marie Mage Yves

Jacques Marie Mage Enzo

The Jacques Marie Mage Enzo is a staple for JMM lovers. With its bold personality and sharp lines, these timeless sunglasses are as iconic as they are limited. And with only a few hundred produced in each batch, buying Jacques Marie Mage’s Enzo is a special occasion even for the most seasoned collector. 

jacques marie mage best frames 2022

The Enzo’s emerged from decades of inspiration based off of the frames the founder of Ferrari wore on a daily basis, you guessed it, Mr. Enzo Ferrari. As is with typical Jacques Marie Mage fashion, the Enzo’s have a sterling silver signature arrowhead pin, sterling silver hairline engraved wire pin, and a 4 base CR39 lens with anti-reflective coating and 100% UV protection. There’s a reason why Mr. Ferrari wore shades just like the JMM Enzo every day.

Jacques Marie Mage Dealan

The Jacques Marie Mage Dealan’s are similar to the Enzo’s in that they share a bold construction. However, don’t get it confused, the Dealan’s are in a league of their own. Jacques Marie Mage states that these glasses are a tribute to the unique relationship that Bob Dylan had with his sunglasses, touring the world with just a pair always adorning his face. With a cat-eye-like frame, the Dealan utilizes bold lines for the bold of heart. As a result, the Jacques Marie Mage Dealan is a classic that will never go out of style.

jacques marie mage best sunglasses 2022

Jacques Marie Mage Taos

If you’re a fan of 60s iconic style, the Jacques Marie Mage Taos could be for you. These glasses are aimed at the thrill-seekers, as a tribute to the late Dennis Hopper.

For decades, Hopper strolled through the world of photography, cinema, and everything in between. And, with the latter part of Hopper’s life taking place in Taos, New Mexico, it was only right that these glasses be named the same. With a bold and rectangular frame, these sunglasses are sure to be your Easy Rider.

jacques marie mage taos sunglasses best 2022

Jacques Marie Mage Yves

The Jacques Marie Mage Yves sunglasses are stylized after the glasses Mr. Yves Saint Laurent wore on a daily basis. The Yves instantly transform its wearer into a French fashion icon, offering subtle elegance to any choice of outfit. 

jacques marie mage yves best sunglasses 2022

Regardless, these retro inspired sunglasses, are a staple for any eyewear lover. With a 6 base CR-39 lens and an anti-reflective coating, the Jacques Marie Mage Yves are sure to make seeing through them as pleasurable as wearing them.

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Jacques Marie Mage Molino

Moving away from statement frames we find the Jacques Marie Mage Molino. These classically rectangular-framed glasses are a tribute to one of the greatest architects and designers of the 20th century, Carlo Mollino. 

jacques marie mage molino best glasses 2022

The Molino spectacle is a tranditional 60's angular design with a rectangular lens shape that will suit just about anyone. If you're looking to make your first Jacques Marie Mage acquisition, these Molino will cover all the bases. A touch of history coupled versatility make these JMM sunglasses the perfect first pair. 

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