Vada Sunglasses at TwelveSixtyNine

This photo series is a collaboration between Francisco Tavoni and Twelvesixtynine, with writing credit to Paul Miniet. We are a curated eyewear store that specializes in working with independent designers, one of those being our newest addition; VADA.

Francisco Tavoni is an artist that uses photography to explore and better understand the power of human affection. He plays with the duality of the ego and one's own identity, as a process that internalizes within the body. Through his Nouveau Lighting technique, light is absorbed to reveal in inner workings of the fabric veiled over the canvas. These inner workings express the deeper plane in which we connect as humans.

Originally from Venezuela, Tavoni is currently based out of Byron Bay, Australia. Due to the pandemic, he hasn’t been able to go home for well over a year. This has led him on a yearlong voyage through the USA, Mexico, Germany and other European countries; which is why is seemed fit to call this series “Full-time Tourist.” During his time in Miami, Francisco had the privilege of exhibiting his artworks during Art Basel Miami, leaving a deep impact in the local art scene. 

Being Latin-American, Francisco has developed a unique sense of style which is a direct representation of his creative spirit. His philosophies on life, professionalism and his approach towards creativity, have left made waves within the fashion industry. Accessories are fundamental to Tavoni's expression his individuality. He holds eyewear up on a pedestal, always striving to be in a captivating frame.

vada sunglasses twelvesixtynine

When our friend Francisco came by our store, he instantly gravitated to the Tokio by VADA. One of our more unique and expressive frames we recently adopted as part of our curated selection. Fransisco was captivated by the sunglass's personality, standing out on the shelf like a beacon of light. He tried them on and couldn’t take them off. That being said, he left with them on.

Through “Full-time Tourist” we wanted to express what Francisco's adventures  have looked like over the course of the past year, rambling through the world without a place to call home. To add to this character, we chose the Waterside Hotel as the location and incorporated a 1977 Mercedes Benz 300D.

(Shot by Eric Vicens & Maria Monsalvo)

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vada sunglasses twelvesixtynine

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