An Eyewear Story - The 94th Academy Awards

The Academy Awards has been the pinnacle of elegance since its inception, a real who’s who event housing talent and style all under one roof. A red carpet sets the stage for house hold names to land at the show nonchalantly, boasting their meticulously crafted outfits with ease for the world to see. Three things have remained constant over the years; tuxedos, evening gowns and eyewear.

eyewear at the oscars twelvesixtynine

 What’s a good event without eyewear? There isn’t one. Over the years the Academy Awards has seen eyewear trends come and go. Big and bold or thin and metal. Light tinted lenses or full on sunglasses, the show has seen ‘em all. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are known for their affinity of bespectacled appearances down the red carpet, such as Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson to name a few.

 The 94th Academy Awards brought in some heavy hitters when it comes to glasses. Eyewear aficionados live in two camps at the moment, big and bold or small and thin. The polar opposites of the spectacle spectrum. Jeff Goldblum strolled down the red carpet, in his signature Jeff by Jacques Marie Mage, like a peacock who knows its self-worth. A true man of style, mastering the art of not caring, Mr. Goldblum did not disappoint with his choice of spectacles for the evening.

eyewear at the oscars twelvesixtynine

 On the other end of the spectrum we saw the likes of H.E.R. looking fierce in her Fatale by Jacques Marie Mage. This recent collaboration between The Velvet Underground and Jacques Marie Mage (JMM) is one of the brands more limited frame releases. An absolutely daring frame with miniscule proportions and electric blue lenses packing a punch. A taste of 80’s New York rock & roll.

eyewear at the oscars twelvesixtynine

 Some chose classics like Mr. Kevin Costner who took to the red carpet in a vintage eyewear silhouette, the Ollis by Oliver Peoples. He paired the effortless shades with an immaculately tailored tuxedo, undeniably achieving a cool factor that will never go out of style. Eyewear adds personality suited for all occasions, it’s just a matter of finding that frame that adds a bit of flair to your step.

eyewear at the oscars twelvesixtynine

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