Top 7 Sunglasses Worn By Celebrities in 2023

What Sunglasses Are Celebrities Wearing This Year?

2023 has been a great year so far for sunglasses trends. While we’ve covered some of the most popular choices from brands like Jacques Marie Mage, Akila, Eyevan, Vada, and Johann Wolff, knowing what celebrities are wearing is a great way to get style inspiration. Now, there are too many celebrities wearing sunglasses to count, so we’ll get off to a quick start with five classics that you may recognize.

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When it comes to celebrities wearing sunglasses, we continue to see big names in the eyewear industry pop up. In this list, you’ll see Jacques Marie Mage mentioned plenty, with other big-name brands following suit. But, it’s not always about recognizable brands. Rather, finding the best sunglasses to buy is all about understanding a few factors.

7 Top Sunglasses Worn By Celebrities in 2023

1. Brad Pitt, Jacques Marie Mage Taos

brad pitt sunglasses

2. Camille Rowe, Jacques Marie Mage Kelly 

camille rowe sunglasses

3. Jonah Hill, Jacques Marie Mage Cortina

jonah hill sunglasses

4. Johnny Depp, Moscot Lemtosh

johnny depp sunglasses

5. Kristen Stewart, Jacque Marie Mage Zephirin

kristen stewart sunglasses

6. Justin Bieber, Eyevan 7285 797 justin bieber sunglasses

7. Pete Davidson, Johann Wolff, Anna

best celebrity sunglasses to buy

Picking the Best Sunglasses to Buy For Your Face

First, understanding how different frames work on your face is crucial. We all have different facial structures, and that structure is better suited to different sunglasses. Think of it like putting on a pair of shoes. You wouldn’t buy a pair that doesn’t fit correctly; and with sunglasses, that sentiment remains.

Second, sunglasses tend to serve a different purpose. While some may be better suited for driving such as those with polarization, and high UV protection, others may be more for strolling on a cloudy day.

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Always consider the purpose of why you’re buying sunglasses, before landing on a single frame choice. And, we’re always available to help at our flagship twelvesixtynine store in Miami, or via the phone. With all of this considered, let’s take a look at seven sunglasses worn by celebrities in 2023.

Top Celebrity Sunglasses Brands in 2023

1. Jacques Marie Mage

2. Eyevan

3. Moscot

4. Johann Wolff

Jacque Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage is a Los Angeles-based producer of eyewear specializing in limited production runs of the finest spectacles known to mankind. Each frame is handcrafted from premium Takiron acetate by a single artisan in Sabae-Fuki, Japan; the birthplace of eyewear.

The brand’s design language is one of romance, idealizing the social impacts of musicians, poets, and artists alike. Each frame serves as a portal, transporting its wearer to a dream-like depiction of a glamorized era. For those seeking the ultimate story piece, look no further.


Eyevan, eyewear for dressing as a fashion accessory. The epitome of Japanese design in the world of eyewear. Eyevan has been producing the finest surgical grade titanium spectacles in Sabae-Fuki, Japan, since the ’70s; utilizing mineral glass lenses that provide unparalleled visual clarity for the wearer. The utmost attention to detail, coupled with simplicity, results in eyewear as sharp as a katana.


Moscot is going on 5 generations of family-operated eyewear manufacturing, based in the heart of the Lower East Side in New York City. The use of riveting and mineral glass lenses separate Moscot in the eyewear world, providing the public with some of the most well-constructed eyewear available.

Johann Wolff

Johann Wolff is a Miami-based producer of eyewear with deep German heritage, focusing on classic silhouettes that push the boundaries of everyday spectacles one design at a time.

Each frame is handcrafted, utilizing premium cellulose acetate in Hong Kong. The level of craftsmanship, coupled with a price point that is unmatched in the eyewear market is crucial to what we do. Johann Wolff provides the best everyday frames that you won’t think twice about wearing.

Buying Sunglasses at twelvesixtynine

At twelvesixtynine, we love eyewear. While our flagship sunglasses shop is located in Miami, you don’t have to be a tropical native to shop our selection of curated brands.

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Rather, check us out online, or give us a call so we can help find the perfect pair of shades for you. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, having proper eyewear is paramount to seeing correctly and looking the part.

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