Jacques Marie Mage

Jacques Marie Mage | Ascari

$ 750.00

Lens Color : Grey

Lens Color : Grey

Lens Color : Purple Gradient

Lens Color : Yellow

Lens Color : Blue

50's inspired rectangular sunglasses with an edgy design, The Ascari by Jacques Marie Mage. Featuring a clean silhouette that comes to life, the Ascari lens is pushed back to create depth, further enhanced by the beveled eye rim. Another interesting feature of the 2 new colors for the Ascari is that the front of the frame is matted, but the top and bottom have been polished, showcasing the extent to which JMM produces a one-of-a-kind product.

As for fit, these sunglasses are best on medium faces and work well for both genders. The look is definitely cruder than a Molino, which will work best for good shock value.

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