Summer Eyewear: A Lesson on Tints and Frame Material

If you haven’t been informed yet, it’s officially summer. It’s time to lounge poolside, drink an excruciatingly cold beverage and absorb as much sun as possible. Save it for a rainy day once its gloomy again, trust me you’ll thank me later. With all this summertime stimulation comes great responsibility, the most important of them all is the kindness with which you treat your eyes. The sun’s rays creep up on your eyesight when least expected, so it’s best to be well prepared before the madness begins. Summer eyewear can be tricky, but a few key pointers can guide you in the right direction.

First and foremost, and possibly the most valuable piece of advice, stick to dark lenses. The darker the better. A dark green lens or dark brown lens will offer the most protection and allow for the least strain on your eyesight. Dark tinted lenses allow the eye to relax, even when met with harsh conditions. For an added layer of comfort one should be to opt for polarized lenses, which help reduce intense glare off of certain surfaces. The ocean, pools and concrete surfaces are the main conductors of blinding glare. Trust us, prepare in advance. You’ll thank us later. 

summer eyewear 2023 twelvesixtynineOnce you’ve set aside the leading contenders in your new summer eyewear discovery, focus on the weight and feel of the glasses on your face. It’s going to be hot outside, go for something lightweight. Again, the lightweight the better. Make sure the frame you choose is something that you’ll reach to time and time again to ensure those eyes are protected. Light-weight titanium, stainless steel or thin acetate frames are the way to go during the summer. You wouldn’t want anything too heavy that will subconsciously deter you from wearing sunglasses. The more effortless the glasses and comfortable you feel in them, the higher the chances are you’ll want to wear them. 

summer eyewear 2023 twelvesixtynineWhen it comes to titanium frames, the undisputed leading brand is Eyevan. Serving up some of the most precisely constructed titanium frames you can find on the market. All hand made in Japan and exclusively sold through curated boutiques. Our pick would be Eyevan’s 188, a fresh take on their classic 163 silhouette. The 188 is a small, lightweight titanium frame that comes in a variety of color combinations, all outfitted with darker lenses to take on the summer’s piercing rays.

summer eyewear 2023 twelvesixtynineA non-titanium stainless steel option that will add subtle French flair to any occasion would be by the one and only Ahlem. Producing some of the finest stainless steel spectacles on the planet. The Quai Branly and the Place de la Concorde are two great options, with the Quai Branly being slightly more daring with a more aggressive silhouette. And the Place de la Concorde is a more traditional navigator style sunglass. Both great stainless steel frames that check all the boxes in terms of protection and style.

For those non-metal eyewear goers, a lightweight acetate option will be the easiest style of spectacle to grab when the sun is out. Johann Wolff produces some of the best lightweight acetate frames available, all intentionally designed and hand crafted by skilled artisans. While there are many great options to choose from, one the most versatile is the Morrison. Inspired by bolder, vintage frames from the 50’s, the Morrison still does not feel heavy on the face and comes in an array of color configurations for every taste.

summer eyewear 2023 twelvesixtynineMoral of the story is, keep your precious eyesight protected. Be it a titanium frame, stainless steel or acetate frame; make sure to choose a sunglass you won’t be inconvenienced by in the summer heat. An effortless summer spectacle is essential to stay stylish and protected during those grueling summer months. If you follow the pointers mentioned above, you’ll be in great shape when selecting the perfect summer frame. Or one of our eyewear specialists can assist you in the daunting task it may be to pick out a new frame. Scroll through our selection or swing by our shop, we’re sure you’ll find something perfect to combat the summer’s rays with.

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