Quiet Luxury: The Sunglasses in HBO's Succession

A Look at the Sunglasses Worn in HBO's Succession

Since its premier in 2018, the Emmy-winning HBO dramedy, Succession, has generated a lot of interest, not only among entertainment aficionados but also with the fashion-forward. The Roy clan and their cronies aren’t just known for their stratagems. They’re also known for their style, the quiet luxury that projects the sense of ambition, dominance, and power. 

And there are few accessories more suited to such a style statement than a quality pair of handcrafted, custom-made sunglasses, such as those featured at twelvesixtynine. This article takes a look some of Succession’s most eye-catching and impactful styles and the twelvesixtynine brands that made them possible.

Kendall Roy in Jacques Marie Mage

It’s perhaps fitting that the scion of the Roy family would so enthusiastically embrace Jacques Marie Mage as his signature brand. JMM has won acclaim for its classic style that speaks to elegance, refinement, and sophistication. It’s a brand prized by the elite and, as such, it can often be seen both on the Hollywood red carpet and on the large and small screen

These frames are manufactured in small batches by master artisans, with many designs created for limited runs. And that means that they’re as rare as they are striking, a quality valued by power players like Kendall Roy.

Consider, for example, the Zephirin design favored by Kendall when he’s looking to make a bold statement without compromising his signature poise. The Zephirin’s clean lines and modified rectangular shape have a vintage feel, but the chunky acetate with its custom detailing can make even a traditional navy blazer and white button down shirt combo look edgy.

jeremy strong succession kendall roy jacques marie mage

Kendall sporting the Zephirin in Season 4, Episode 3

And then there’s the Molino, another design of choice for Kendall. The statement frames in heavy acetate are meant to be seen, are intended to make an impression. Combine this with the darkly tinted lenses and strong geometric shape and they’re perfect for elevating even the most casual of ensembles, as when paired with a plain t-shirt and pendant. They telegraph the warning that the wearer is not a person to be taken lightly. 

kendall roy jacques marie mage molino succession

Kendall in the Molino, Season 3, Episode 9

Shiv Roy in Garrett Leight

What could be more appropriate for the only daughter of a modern-day mogul than the indisputable luxury of Garrett Leight specs and shades? In Season 4, Episode 1, Shiv Roy features a custom pair of the GL Broadway design, in arresting sheer acetate. 

The Broadway  is a modern take on the traditional wayfarer shape, but with unique details, including the elongated temples resembling the fins of the classic cars of the 1950s. These sunglasses are made to pay homage to a more elegant and sophisticated past. They’re designed for wearers brought up to appreciate the finer things in life and to settle for nothing less than the best. 

Shiv pairs them with an understated dark camel blazer and simple, chocolate shell, adding a subtle touch of flair and flash to an otherwise tasteful but nondescript ensemble. The Broadway is for wearers who know their place in the world and who are entirely capable of staking their claim without even lifting their hand or raising their voice.

shiv garrett leight broadway succession

Shiv in GL Broadway, Season 4, Episode 1

Roman Roy in Matsuda and Garrett Leight

Roman Roy, the youngest of the Roy children, may be the most complex, a cosmopolitan child of privilege with a carefully hidden softer side that compels him to idolize his flawed father and struggle to keep his disintegrating family together. 

His eclectic fashion sense aligns well with his multi-dimensional, and sometimes contradictory, personality. But what unites the various sides of Roman Roy is the insistence on luxury in all things. Consider, for example, Roman’s choice of the iconic Kinney shades, from Garrett Leight, a brand also preferred by Roman’s father.  The Kinney features a classic silhouette that translates easily from the boardroom to the beach. The mineral glass lenses are crafted for optimal visual clarity, symbolically quite appropriate for the shape-shifting Roman who, of all the Roy siblings, seems to see himself, his family, and their future with the keenest vision of all.

roman garrett leight kinney

Roman in the Kinney, by Garrett Leight

But the ambitious Roman isn’t going to be content with just one luxury brand. Sooner or 

later, he’s going to want them all. Enter Matsuda, another star of Roman’s collection. The Matsuda eyewear brand began as a high fashion label and its luxurious origins are apparent in every detail. 

Roman’s shades worn in Season 3, Episode 8 feature sleek wire frames and darkly tinted lenses. They are understated but obviously strong, with a coppery glint reminiscent of aging gunmetal, a fitting reflection of the understated force of Roman’s character. He pairs the shades with an unassuming button-up shirt, lending strength and interest to what would otherwise be a forgettable look. 

roman roy matsuda succession

Roman in Matsuda, Season 3, Episode 8 

Tom Wambsgans in Moscot

What do you get for the man who marries into everything? Why Moscot’s Lemtosh sunglasses in light gray acetate, of course. These striking shades were sported by none other than Shiv Roy’s ne'er do well husband, Tom Wambsgans, in Season 3, Episode 9.  

These shades cut a sharp figure as the blushing groom squired his wealthy bride from one Tuscan hotspot to another. Paired with a crisp linen suit in complementary shades of beige and white, these sunglasses are the ideal accessory for a man with a taste for the finer things in life. They speak of a Continental sophistication that suggests Old Money and fine breeding, something Tom desperately wants to claim for himself if not by pedigree then by marriage.

tom wambsgans lemtosh moscot

Tom in Lemtosh by Moscot, Season 3, Episode 9

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