Jacques Marie Mage Celebrity Sightings: Brad Pitt, Jeff Goldblum, and Jonathan Majors

It’s happened again: The iconic Jacques Marie Mage brand continues to make its way onto the Hollywood red carpet and only the faces of some of Tinsel Town’s most celebrated figures. 

But the party doesn’t end there. Because, once again, JMM isn’t just proving itself to be a must-have accessory for stars of the big screen. The brand is also proving to be a big screen celebrity in its own right. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the brand’s most recent appearances on the silver screen and preview upcoming films with your favorite celebs sporting your favorite shades.

Brad Pitt’s Ultra Cool Zephirins (Babylon)

For more than three decades now, nobody has epitomized cool quite like Brad Pitt. So when it was time to amp up the suave factor for 2022’s Babylon, only the JMM Zephirin would suffice. 


Set in 1920’s Hollywood, the pre-WWII aesthetic of the Zephirin perfectly captures the feel of Old Hollywood and the decadence of the Jazz Age.

The dark, semi-transparent shades worn by Pitt in the film feature an acetate frame with its supporting metal structure shining through. The shades feature a subtle tortoiseshell design that is vintage Hollywood. The metal and acetate combo and dark tones speak both to strength and to complexity. 

The steel that underlies and gives shape to the acetate is much like the forces that Jack Conrad (Pitt’s character in the film) must contend with, the reality of strong truths and inevitable eventualities that lie just beneath the surface of life, undeniable and determinative. Like the Zephirins he wears, Pitt’s Conrad character is both soft and strong, both classic and contemporary. 


The dark tints of the shades speak to a character that, perhaps, wishes to conceal the truth of who he is and what he feels as an aging celebrity with three failed marriages and a career that has likely reached its zenith. 

And yet the semi-transparency suggests that, no matter how we may try to hide from the world–or from ourselves–the truth will, indeed, come out in the end.

Jeff Goldblum’s Custom Shades (Jurassic Park: Dominion)

How awesome is Jeff Goldblum? So awesome that the team at Jacques Marie Mage actually designed a custom pair of shades just for Goldblum’s character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, in Jurassic Park: Dominion (2022).

Lovingly dubbed “The Ian,” these shades are everything you would expect of a design created for Goldblum’s brainy biologist. The shades feature a classic smoky black acetate frame with a visible steel core and steel pins and hinges in the classic JMM design. The perfect materials to symbolize a character charged with carrying the weight of human survival on his shoulders.


And then there’s the innovative geometric shape, a slightly off-kilter rectangle, wider at the top than at the bottom. The shape couldn’t be more suited to a character who is an acclaimed scientist grappling with a world that no longer makes sense, with a reality that would seem to defy the laws of science and evolution but which science has, in fact, engineered.

The glasses are sharp-edged, clean-lined, bold in color and shape, and slightly quirky-much like Dr. Ian Malcolm and even more like the man who portrays him on screen.

Jonathan Majors Looking Fine in the Fellini (Creed III)

As exciting as it’s been to see our favorite celebs sporting one of our all-time favorite independent eyewear designers, we’re looking forward to more big screen sightings to come. 

And at the top of that must-see list is Jonathan Majors, who appears to sport the Fellini design in the soon-to-be released Creed III (2023). In already released clips from the film, Majors’ character, Damian Anderson, appears to wear the Fellini shades in black or tortoiseshell acetate, with a visible metal core and detailing in gold.

Given Majors’ role in the film, playing the childhood best friend and current boxing opponent of the titular character, Donnie Creed, the Fellini is an apt style choice. The design epitomizes both strength and luxury, especially in the gold detailings ornamenting the Damian character’s particular pair. 

Damian is a character looking to grab the brass ring after a stint in prison. But to make it, he must face a formidable adversary, an adversary who also happens to be the only son of one boxing legend (Apollo Creed) and the surrogate son of another (Rocky Balboa). 

The dark-hued Fellini, with its sleek lines and precious metal accents is just the style statement for a man who aspires to the finest things in life but who also must face incredible odds to achieve them. 


These heavy, masculine frames with their bold contours speak to force and power. Like the Damian character, the Fellini is a design not to be taken lightly. It is an aesthetic that means business. 

And then there are the lenses of the Damian character’s Fellini shades. They are darkly tinted, amplifying the sense of dangerous mystery that now infuses the character. The titular Creed must understand his opponent, the friend-turned-foe, before he can defeat him. But one three things are abundantly clear in Damian’s choice of dark Fellini shades: the man’s got ambition. The man’s got style. The man’s got taste.  

Bonus: Jeremy Strong in Succession (2021)

The JMM line is already making a big splash on the silver screen. That’s probably not surprising, considering how strongly the JMM design team draws its inspiration from iconic films, classic stars, and famed auteurs, from Kubric to, yup, Fellini. 

But, it seems, you’re not just going to find JMM on the silver screen. You’re also going to find them on the small screen as well.


Consider, for instance, Jeremy Strong’s Kendall Roy in the award-winning series, Succession. In Episode 9, Season 3 (“All the Bells Say”), Strong appears to sport the Fellini design. Like Majors’ Damian, Strong’s Kendall wears the black Fellini with gold metal accents. Yet another character with a whole world to conquer.

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