Best Sunglasses for Women in 2022

4 Sunglasses Women Are Buying Right Now 

Is it actually summer if you have yet to find the perfect pair of summer shades? One of the benefits of a high-quality pair of sunglasses is their ability to transition effortlessly to every occasion. The right pair of sunglasses can elevate any summer look, whether you’re beach hopping with friends or enjoying cocktails at sunset. Gone are the days when sunglasses are solely used for protection from the elements. Luxury shades are undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories to complete your insta-worthy summertime look. 

The sunglasses industry is competitive, and new brands on the block like Akoni and Rigards do everything they can to set themselves apart from more established brands like Jacques Marie Mage. However, buyers benefit tremendously from the competitive nature of the fashion world, giving us seemingly endless options of one-of-a-kind shades. 

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We’ve already covered the four trending sunglasses men are buying right now to kick off their summer boldly. Now, let’s unpack our current favorite styles for women. While staying true to your unique style is always great, staying on top of current eyewear trends is fun and will allow you to put your “best face forward” to the world. We’re highlighting shades across the style spectrum, from the traditionally feminine cat eye frame to the more androgynous and ergonomic aviator shade. Let’s dive in! 

4 Trending Sunglasses for Women 
  1. Johann Wolff | Anna 
  2. Jacques Marie Mage | Schindler 
  3. Rigards | RG00UW5 
  4. Akoni | Europa 


johann wolff anna sunglasses


Johann Wolff prides itself on creating easy-to-wear frames that are sure to compliment the broadest range of trends and aesthetics. If we look at the Anna frame, we see they are perfect for those who prioritize a sharp and clean look. The Annas best-fit medium to large faces with its slightly oversized frames.

And what’s more is that the cores are made from custom stainless steel for strength and durability, meaning they are built to last! An added bonus? The Annas come in a whopping twelve different colors, from the classic matte black to army green, to the historically popular tortoise pattern. 


jacques marie mage schindler

What do you get when you combine a subtle cat eye with a funky geometric shape? The gorgeous Jacques Marie Mage Schindler frame. These frames are indeed the best of both worlds, making them a no-brainer summer pick for women. The slight cateye gives the wearer a refined, classic look, while the geometric shape of the eyes provides a unique twist bound to turn heads. 

With a 44mm eye frame, these shades best fit medium to small faces. The Schindlers are made from Premium Japanese Acetate. This frame is sophisticated enough to pair with an elegant evening outfit and casual enough to keep in your bag for running errands after a yoga class. 

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Next up, we have the incomparable Rigards RG00W5 frame, an exclusive collaboration between Rigards and Chinese fashion designer Uma Wang. Wang is known for prioritizing texture and textiles in her clothing lines. The texture is undoubtedly the first thing you will notice with these classic round shades. 

Both Rigards and Wang approached the collaboration with the desire to use natural materials and embracing the varieties that come with handmade craftsmanship. What sets this special collab collection apart are the aged and worn titanium frames, giving the sunglasses a purposeful “lived in” look. These shades are perfect for island hopping and summer traveling to rich historical sites. 


akoni europa

Akoni has remained a brand to watch since the Swiss-born luxury eyewear company launched in 2019. Akoni advertises itself as a new kind of eyewear brand, focusing on utilizing the latest technologies and materials. Their inspiration draws from the art, design, and fashion world. 

We are particularly excited about the Europa frame for its squared-off aviator design, a modern interpretation of the classic aviator frame. Fun fact: The squared aviator frames were designed to fit under next-generation flight helmet visors. The Europas are great for all facial types due to their slightly smaller lenses than a classic aviator frame. These are the perfect shades for a more gender-fluid aesthetic. 

Buying Women's Sunglasses as TwelveSixtyNine

These four styles are a perfect jumping-off point to begin your buying journey. Finding the right style and frame can be intimidating in a saturated market. Once you’ve honed in on the style that immediately catches your eye, narrowing your search will completely transform your sunglasses shopping experience. When planning your next shopping spree, don’t skip the accessories world and carve out some time to peruse your next upscale eyewear purchase. 

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TwelveSixtyNine prides itself on doing it all. We love spotlighting new, unconventional brands that carry eyewear into the future. We also find pleasure in carrying beloved and established luxury brands. Our highly curated collection is bold, confident, and fluid. Stop by our brick-and-mortar during your next trip to Miami, or browse our inventory online at your convenience. Investing in a quality pair of shades is always worth it. 

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