Seen On-Screen: Jacques Marie Mage Molino in Bardo

Bardo is a tale of existentialism and an on-going battle with identity. A poetic journey that follows our hero, Silverio Gama (Daniel Gimenez Cacho), on an introspective quest for reconciliation. A journalist-turned-documentarian that is grappling with the past, the present and his own Mexican identity. Whom is impeccably styled with the laissez faire with which an amalgamation of artists carries themselves. What better way to battle with a crisis than shielding oneself from the world with the armor provided by an exceptional pair of glasses

Silverio’s disheveled suit is accompanied by a sleek pair of Jacques Marie Mage Molino sunglasses. Unkempt hair and dilapidated suits are deemed the antithesis of style, yet when paired with a striking pair of spectacles everything seems to make sense. Inspired by the architect Carlo Molino, these frames emulate a master’s flair of poetic angularity. An astute mix of sensuality and balance through bold construction and subtle beveling. A seemingly perfect fit for a man in search of himself. Protecting him from the over stimulating world around him as he makes peace with the demons of his past and the uncertainties of his future.

jacques-marie-mage-bardo-silverio-gama-3 A mental dance with the unforeseeable future is better received when done in style. Which seems to be a recurring theme for those going through on the on-going battle of life and its poetic sensitivities that surround them on a daily basis. The artist, the poet and the writer all share a similar essence of non-conformity. Living in a constant state of existentialism, yet flowing through the world effortlessly. Through the act of not caring they are deemed worthy of the title: Style Icon. The less effort, the more praise.

jacques-marie-mage-bardo-silverio-gama-3This sense of effortlessness is perfectly embodied through the Jacques Marie Mage Molino seen in Bardo. It is a spectacle made for those who want nothing more than an immaculately constructed frame. Flying inconspicuously under the radar as an object of affection for those harnessing its power. Just as the Molino shields Silverio, it acts as a nonchalant tool to display one’s carefree approach to the world. Allowing you to soar through your next existential crisis in style.  

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Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths | Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, Starring Daniel Giménez Cacho, Distributed by Netflix. Sept, 1st, 2022.

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