Jacques Marie Mage Celebrity Sighting: Austin Butler

An inexplicable draw attracts us to certain objects that become part of our daily routines, this magnetism creates a deep relationship with said entities. Establishing these things that we interact with as objects of affection. The correlation between these objects and accessories is an ongoing phenomenon. More so than clothing, the accessory expresses a deeper part of our character. Be it a ring inherited from a family member or a watch that signifies a milestone in one’s life, these objects become part of us.


Some of these objects don’t carry as much significance, despite this we still have an inexplicable affinity for them. A style transcending pair of glasses tends do to the trick. Like those seen recently on Mr. Austin Butler. Who has been spotted sporting two remarkably intriguing frames from the purveyor of handcrafted eyewear, Jacques Marie Mage. The Molino and the Walker, of different worlds that share a similarly carefree swagger.

 jacques-marie-mage-walker-molino-austin-butlerMr. Butler wore a sharp pair of Molinos at the Cannes film festival, which he paired with an elegant ensemble of effortless style. The Molino is the perfect frame for such event, the embodiment of who’s who spanning the totality of twelve grueling days of one-up outfits. Yet, Mr. Butler won the hearts of this theatrical display of style through not trying as hard as his contemporaries. This laidback rectangular frame is the embodiment of clean lines and classical elegance, with a dash of panache through its exposed gold temple cores. A proper frame for a timeless look.

jacques-marie-mage-molino-austin-butler5 The ‘Elvis’ star seems to be channeling a bit of Mr. Presley himself post-production. Some actors say that the characters they portray live with them forever. Maybe this is a case of calling upon a spirit from the past, surely an unmistakably stylish one. Mr. Butler was seen on the cover of GQ wearing a pair of Walkers, paired with a sharp suit and a gentle lavender shirt. Fit for the king himself. A stylized pompadour and a pair of Walkers transports Mr. Butler to a romanticized past of law-bending sounds that changed the world of music forever.

jacques-marie-mage-austin-butler5While embodying different avenues of style, the Walker and the Molino harness a similar power that can be felt through their presence. Both rectangular, yet visibly and spiritually different than one another. Who’s to say which is better? They fulfill different needs to those who chose to wear them. One thing is certain; You won’t regret incorporating either in your life as an object of affection.

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