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Why I keep coming back to this special pair 

There is a romance with objects of affection that infiltrates our lives, becoming part of our everyday essentials. Would you call this an unhealthy obsession, fixation, infatuation, or sheer affinity for something so well designed you can’t live without it? 

This brings me to the purpose of this careful arrangement of words, our star of the show; my beloved Eyevan 717 E sunglasses. You might ask yourself, what is an Eyevan 717E? Simply put, they are one of the best titanium sunglasses that has graced the Earth.eyevan 717 sunglasses article These sunglasses are constructed using surgical-grade titanium, consisting of titanium temples, nose pads, a bridge, and a circular acetate-wrapped metal rim front topped off with flat (0 bases) lenses.

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The construction of the Eyevan 717E is immaculate. These sunglasses are crafted by the masters of titanium, based out of the eyewear capital of the world, Sabae, Fukui in Japan. The precision with which these frames are constructed is breathtaking. Every angle, every curve, and every piece that makes up these unique sunglasses shines with the vibrant passion with which they were created.eyevan 717 sunglasses article This gives way to a duality of delicacy and strength, which is very present once examined. At first glance, these sunglasses seem fragile, yet they surprise you with an overwhelmingly solid hand feel. 


The styling of these sunglasses is a fusion of flower power hippies of the 60s, the precise steampunk of the 90s, and the curiosity of an unknown future. A melting pot of references makes this frame a unique work of art.eyevan 717 sunglasses article daily companionThe spirit of these sunglasses is truly felt once worn, allowing the wearer to embody the freedom of past artists. An actual time machine of ideas connects you to a counter-cultural spirit channeled through the Eyevan 717’s lenses. 

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My pair 

My pair has a polished finish on metal parts, clear acetate, and dark grey lenses. While I have a small collection of eyewear with roughly fifteen frames, I always gravitate towards the Eyevan 717E. These sunglasses provide me with comfort and confidence, like a well-worn pair of cowboy boots. It gives me the extra edge I need to take on the day.eyevan 717 sunglasses article The Eyevan 717E is simply one of the most remarkable pieces of design that I own. They have become an indistinguishable part of my everyday uniform that I can’t leave home without.

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The 717 are my favorite frames in the store!

Andreina Amengual January 26, 2023

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