Eyewear: An Extension of Personality

Every day is a new opportunity to partake in the theatrical performance we call life, stirring up our mundane routines. Despite our differences in culture, language or sexuality; we all participate in the same performance even if we are oblivious to its nature. Each morning we must get dressed before leaving our homes. Unless we’re willing to play a game of chance and try our luck with disrupting the peace through public obscenity. Most of us will opt out of that.an extension of personality model shot twelvesixtynineThe garments and accessories we carefully chose to adorn our bodies with, say a lot about us to the public through just a mere examination. A suit is a definitive characteristic of a working individual, standardized and ready to strip of their identity for the sake of the serious tasks ahead (or of someone trying to look the part but not there yet). Just as long hair, Birkenstocks and the permeating aroma of patchouli body oil screams antiestablishment. Which might be a total farce, yet these ‘stereotypes’ exists for a reason due to constructed ideas of how one is meant to present themselves to the world in certain scenarios.

Now, if you’re still reading this you may be asking yourself what does all of this have to do with eyewear. Rest assured, eyewear plays a big role in the assemble of garments and body adornments that define us. Our first instinct is to look at an individual’s face, their identity. You see where I’m getting with this? Eyewear lives on our most valuable identification card, ultimately becoming an intrinsic part of one’s identity and personality.


Every frame harnesses the power of a different character. When choosing a new sun or optical frame, there exists a moment of alignment. As the right frame is placed on your face, a feeling of knowing becomes present. You yourself may not be susceptible this, but surely one of our eyewear specialists will be by your side guiding you through this journey. The feeling is quite similar to that of jumping into your favorite pair of blue jeans. It just feels right. As an effortless extension of yourself.


Be it a P3 frame like Jacques Marie Mage’s Clark, a gold standard for the classic silhouette. One that can come off as elegant and intellectual or nostalgic of a distant past. Or if you resonate with a bolder artistic spirit, the RG1088TI by Rigards is a playfully eccentric frame that wields an immense amount of individuality through its octagonal design. Ah! The Nina by Lapima, its vintage styling and fluid design mix a vintage past with organic lines. See, all these frames take on a personality of their own. Which is the beautiful thing about eyewear, one can channel these characters through each frame so long as you feel confident and enlightened by wearing them.


Eyewear can be the most playful of accessories contributing to one’s daily performance. You are the main character of your own play and the streets are your theatre. The eyewear you choose is an essential role of this performance serving as a direct representation of your spirit. Or it might just be a mask, a character you chose to be. Honestly, it’s not that serious. All this might mean everything or nothing to you. As long as you feel comfortable and confident in your eyewear, that is truly all that matters.


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