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New York City. The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. What is it about New York that has garnered an unmatched mystic? Is it the array of ethnicities that intertwine throughout the backbone of Manhattan? The lore of jazz and punk rock that can still be felt in the modern age through the current techno boom? Or is it the idea of endless possibilities? The true American Dream. Or at least what’s left of it. A sense of organized chaos that seems to drive 8.46 million New Yorkers to obsessive oblivion. Never wanting to part ways with the city. Allowing it to become part of their identity. The so-called center of the modern world. If you can’t find it in New York, you can’t find it anywhere. twelvesixtynine-by-your-side-article

Well, despite your personal opinions of New York City and views on how one should lead their life; one thing is for certain. New York has bred a specific type of individual that is out and about. The original work from home; the freelancer. Or the actor, the playwright, and the artist. The traditional constructs of society do not bind these individuals. They do not adhere to a 9 to 5 call time. Their lives are free from time constraints, allowing these individuals to be led by their own beat of the drum, taking on the city on their own terms.

Now, there is another undoubted truth here. These individuals are in need of exceptional eyewear. It is criminal and unjust to maneuver one’s way through New York City without a reliable and distinguished pair of spectacles that act as a shield between their wearer and the outside world. The chaos needs to be combated by an exceptional pair of sunglasses.

In our new series, By Your Side, we documented some typical activities of a nonconforming bespectacled individual who makes their way through the city on a daily basis. Daily activities can seem mundane, even for those who are not bound by the traditional working hours of society. Yet, a merger of sun and optical frames can make a seemingly trivial task much more enjoyable and easier. The power of a good spectacle is unappalled. Similar to that of a good watch, a favorite jacket, or even a lived-in pair of boots. The beloved spectacle can add that necessary edge to one’s seemingly mundane schedule that disrupts the repetition or at least makes it more enjoyable.
Nothing beats the tandem of a quality sunglass and optical frame. Our subject in this series is met with a Rigards RG1039TI as her sunglasses and a Jacques Marie Mage Molino as an optical frame. Switching frames depending on the circumstance makes life a whole lot easier. Rigards produces exceptional ultra-lightweight titanium frames with thought-provoking designs that are subtle statement makers, perfect for everyday transit. Easy on-and-off comfort supplied by the titanium makes the frame seemingly disappear on the face.
As for the optical, the transparency of the lenses makes the glasses feel lighter on the faces even though the frame itself is chunkier. A more substantial optical frame is always more intriguing, packing a heavier punch. Jacques Marie Mage has mastered the sculpting of Japanese acetate, achieving some of the most visually appealing frames despite their classic styling. It is almost hard to describe the presence they exude in person. Just by looking at them, one knows there is something special about them.
In this case, our subject is wearing a Molino, a classically styled rectangular silhouette with an unmistakable presence. It is the perfect optical frame for everyday use and practicality while not following the typical optical trend. Most opt for a classic P-3 silhouette as their go-to. Which is a great choice. But the Molino is distinctly much more captivating. Making it an ideal optical frame for those individuals popping into a café to get some work done in the evening before heading home. Or a train ride with a beloved book by one’s side. All while being elegant enough to dress up with a tuxedo or cocktail dress. A truly versatile spectacle that covers all the bases needed in a city that seems never to rest. twelvesixtynine-jacques-marie-mage-molino-by-your-side

By Your Side is a series that explores eyewear that we at twelvesixtynine feel necessary as daily companions. A good set of frames might only be convincing to some, but for those who know, it makes all the difference. Good eyewear is limited, especially when it comes to independent eyewear manufacturers. Limited quantities, small batches and a whole lot of love is behind these unique spectacles. One thing is for sure, once you have a pair of quality frames by your side, it makes your day a whole lot more interesting. Stay tuned for the next iteration of the series, or swing by our shop and say hi. You may find some frames that enlighten your next ramble through the city.

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