By Your Side - Los Angeles Chronicles

The city of Angeles, the last frontier in the pursuit of the American Dream. Where everybody is somebody and dreams come to die. An awfully beautiful place that seems to capture passersby like sailors lost at sea in search of land. Los Angeles, California. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

Los Angeles has a distinct energy that is uniquely, well, Los Angeles. The sun shines brighter, the days seem longer and there always seems to be a feeling lingering in the air of immense possibility. It’s hard to pinpoint the root cause, but my bet is it’s the people who decide to call this home. Those who are crazy enough to live in this mammoth city of diverse ethnic backgrounds all convoluted into one big melting pot of rich culture and curiosity for the unknown. It’s as though curiosity is what keeps this city up at night. Always in search of the newest, most unique thing that can be known by mankind.twelvesixtynine by your side jacques marie mageBe it music, art, food, fashion and culture, Los Angeles has it covered. Whatever you are into, you will find others like you. And you will mesh into this frenzy of ideas and creativity that allows anyone to be whatever they want to be. This is the city where people who have extinguished all their avenues in their hometowns come and flourish. This is the city where the hungry for recognition are pleased with attention. This is also the city where you can disconnect and escape to nature within a 30 minutes drive. And be overwhelmed by natural beauty that soothes the senses, removing you from the chaos of the your side los angeles jacques marie mage eyevan sunglassesWe chose Los Angeles for the second coming of the ‘By Your Side chronicles’. A series in which we follow a local creative through the city they reside in and observe their mundane routine unravel before us. Taking time to document mundane moments of their life while wearing a series of spectacles that enhance their daily experience. In this segment, we chose to follow a young actor named Giorgio Antoniazzi, as he takes a meditative afternoon to reflect on his upcoming film ‘Little Saigon’.by your side los angeles twelvesixtynine jacques marie mageAs Giorgio starts his drive, he is seen sporting a pair of Jacques Marie Mage Ashcroft, a slim rectangular sunglass with a very angular presence. Discrete due to their Noir 9 colorway, yet packed with aggression and attitude. A perfect sunglass that really embodies a rock n roll feel, while looking classic and effortless. Almost as if it were made to wear on canyon drive during golden hour. Upon reaching his destination, Giorgio swaps into a Jacques Marie Mage Stahler as he takes a moment to jot down some ideas he was chatting to us about in regards to re-filming some scenes for the project he’s been working on.twelvesixtynine by your side jacques marie mage

The Stahler is a uniquely shaped eyeglass with a straight browline and large round lenses. The colorway showcased in this series is a rich Hickory that is brought to life by the warm rays as the sun begins to descend behind the hills. This spectacle is a conversation starter for daring individuals looking for a personality piece added to their wardrobe. The Stahler doesn’t say much, but when it does, everybody listens. As the sun sets, Giorgio switches into an Eyevan 790. A light-tinted lens is the perfect way to end the day and transition into the night effortlessly. The subtle tint of the lens makes the Eyevan 790 an ideal frame to drive with as the sun goes down and only a faint light in the sky is your side los angeles twelvesixtynine eyevanA set of impeccable eyewear isn’t a mere indulgence; it is an investment in oneself. The combination of spectacles that play a part in your daily routine can provide your eyes with the care they deserve while empowering your next decisions. Wear your nice things every day, don’t save them for that one cousin’s birthday next year. Discover your next daily eyewear companion at twelvesixtynine or just come say hi. We’d be happy to fit you in some unique eyewear, which might end up always by your side.

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