All Eyes on You: Luxury Shades, Signature Celeb Style

Whether they’re lounging poolside or bathed in the glow of camera lights as they own the red carpet, no one knows how to rock a signature pair of luxury sunglasses quite like an A-list celeb. From Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp to Naomi Watts and Kristen Stewart, the opulent and beautiful wouldn’t be caught dead without an exquisite set of opulent and beautiful shades.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse a bit of Hollywood glitz and glamor into your own personal style. When it comes to designer eyewear, we’ll show you which celebs wore it best, and how you can too!

Jacques Marie Mage–One-of-a-Kind Style for the One-of-a-Kind Wearer

When it comes to luxury, you can’t get much better than the Jacques Marie Mage brand. And that’s probably the reason it’s the preferred eyewear for the creme de la creme of Hollywood.

Consider, for example, Kristin Stewart and Brad Pitt sporting the Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin and Zephirin 47 sunglasses, featuring sumptuous Japanese acetate. The sunglasses’ clean lines and substantial dimensions make them an ideal choice for both men and women.

Kristen Stewart Zephirin Article Image

Then there’s Naomi Watts rocking Dealan shades on the big screen in the new Watchers flick. They’re a classic echo of 60s mod with their flared square lenses, providing a subtle cat-eye effect. At the same time, the substantial acetate frames are designed to stand out in any crowd. They’re modern, yet timeless; versatile yet completely unique.

Naomi Watts Dealan Article Image

So if you’re looking for a throwback to old Hollywood, then the rectangular silhouette of the Dealan and the square shape of the Zephirin and Zephirin 47 should perfectly satisfy your craving for vintage style, while the JMM signature arrowhead pins at the temples are unmistakably contemporary.

But what makes the Jacques Marie Mage brand of choice for the celebrity elite–and for anyone who just wants to feel like one? The extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into every pair.

Every Jacques Marie Mage creation is uniquely designed and expertly handcrafted by master artisans practicing their craft in the birthplace of eyewear, Sabae-Fuki, Japan. And that means that every handcrafted pair of Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses and eyeglasses is as unique as the person who wears them.

So whether you’re a celeb seeking to make an appearance on the runway, or an avid fashion connoisseur, designer eyewear from the Jacques Marie Mage brand is the perfect way to express your individuality and compliment your signature style.

Moscot–A Dash of New York Cool

If you’re looking for a bit of East Coast cool, then look no further than the Moscot brand. The product of five generations of innovation and inspiration, Moscot eyewear is a family owned and operated enterprise with its roots deep in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

For that reason, it’s little wonder that celebrity hipsters and style mavens alike flock to the Moscot brand.

Case in point: Johnny Depp looking effortless in his array of Moscot Lemtosh frames. Available both in sunglasses and prescription eyewear, the bold curves and robust barrel hinges of the Lemtosh frames boast a distinctly intellectual appeal without compromising on the cool factor.

They’re stylish, classic, and quirky–which might explain why they look perfect on celebs as unique, distinct, and iconoclastic as Johnny Depp and Truman Capote.

Johnny Depp Moscot Article Collage

Eyevan–The Eyes Have It

Sometimes even a Hollywood mogul looks to infuse their signature style with a dash of superhuman strength. Enter the Eyevan brand’s alluring blend of simplicity and strength.

Eyevan sunglasses and eyeglasses come to you straight from the home and heart of luxury eyewear design, Sabae-Fuki, Japan. They’re infused with surgical-grade titanium, meaning that Eyevan frames are both sleek and stylish and incomparably tough. At the same time, the proprietary blend of minerals used to create Eyevan lenses provides unparalleled visual clarity, even in the most formidable of light environments.

Consider, if you will, Justin Bieber in the Eyevan 7285 797. Much like the man himself, the modest dimensions of these shades belie their strength. The combination of slim acetate and wire framing gives the shades an understated quality that, in fact, makes a bold aesthetic declaration all its own. And that means they look just as sharp when you’re wearing a hoodie and jeans as they do when you’re headlining a black tie event.

Eyevan 797 Article Image

So, if you want your eyewear to add the perfect accent to your look, then Eyevan may be just the brand to give you the subtle celeb flair you’re seeking. These unique, ultra-high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses, enhance your personal style without ever overwhelming it.    

Johann Wolff–Euro-chic, Everyday Style

So far, our journey into the world of celebrity eyewear style has taken us to the far reaches of the globe, from Manhattan’s Lower East Side all the way to Sabae-Fuki, Japan. And now we’re turning our eyes to Europe, and the sumptuous German influences that make Johann Wolff so distinctive and so very desirable.

In fact, if you’re looking for unparalleled craftsmanship at a more modest price point, Johann Wolff has just what you need. And that’s why you’re seeing an increasing number of young Hollywood up and comers sporting these shades.

Pete Davidson Anna Article Image

Comic, Kardashian-crush, and mogul-in-the-making, Pete Davidson, for instance, is on point with his Johann Wolff Anna shades. Like Davidson himself, these are shades that declare themselves boldly. The intense beveling at the brow and temples means these aren’t your grandpa’s shades. With their oversized lenses, substantial acetate frames, and distinctive square shape, they’re at once a groovy homage to the 1970s and a thrilling flash-forward into the mid-21st century–and beyond.

Best of all, the Anna shades are reinforced with a custom stainless steel core at the temples, making them perfect for everyday use. In other words, the Anna can take almost anything you throw at it and still keep you looking red carpet-ready.

Johann Wolff Anna Article Image

The Takeaway: Unleash Your Inner Celeb with Unique Eyewear

You don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one. With the right pair of designer shades and eyeglasses, you can let your inner celebrity shine through. From the one-of-a-kind stylings of the Jacques Marie Mage brand to the everyday luxury of Johann Wolff, there’s a pair of shades just right for bringing out the A-lister in you! Reach out to our style experts at 1269 to find eyewear of your (Hollywood) dreams.

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